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Formula One - 4 March 2020

Race Report

Brands Hatch's Indy circuit was the venue for a brave new class at WHO at Wednesday.  The start of our brass weighted Classic Cup using the Viper Jet.  Seven intrepid drivers took up the challenge.

After two heats it was Pete at the top from Keith and Jerome.  Andy was making everyone else look silly in Classic Cup with some huge scores.  The rest of us were very even and not very consistent!  At the end of qualifying, Pete had taken his first pole position with Terry in second and Jerome continuing his stellar season in 3rd.  Keith, Deborah and Ryan in the B Final looked an exciting prospect.  Especially as Ryan was driving a Super G and making it work.  Top stuff.  In other chassis news Duncan's sole Tyco was also going great guns in the C Final.   Andy had blitzed the Classic Cup field and the rest of us would have to beat some Mega G+ cars to challenge for the win.


Unsurprisingly it was an all Classic Cup field in the G Final.  Mike M led the way to Graham Hill bend but it was Alex who had the honour of completing the first lap.  Simon rapidly moved to the lead of the race and Mike D took second as Alex's car hit the floor.  Alex and Mike enjoyed a good tussle for 2nd before Alex's second floor hit saw him fall back to 3rd. Mike M was really struggling with dirty tyres and the older round tube weights in his car which coupled with the fairly evil yellow lane he was in meant he was unable to get close to the tight group ahead of him.  At the end Simon swept home for the win ahead of Mike D, Alex and Mike M.

Max was on pole in the F Final racing against his Dad's Mega G+ and Gareth and Simon's V-Jets.  it was Gareth who led them from Max for the opening stages and a healthy lead was decimated when his car met Simon R's fingers on the main straight to send his car to the floor and the back of the field.  From then it was Max leading his dad all the way to the flag for a convincing win.  Gareth and Simon meanwhile engaged in an error strewn battle for 3rd which was only settled by an agonising crash for Simon in the final 3 seconds.

Max stepped up to meet little brother Jack in the E Final.  Jack has really shown a decent turn of speed this season and could be one to watch in the future if he can sort out the low speed corners.  Steve was on pole but Jack romped away into the lead and was comfortably the quickest driver in the race.  John was showing a healthy turn of speed with his V-Jet and was lapping quicker than Steve but ultimately he couldn't find a way past.  Meanwhile Max didn't find yellow to his liking and couldn't improve from 4th.

Andy had qualified in the D Final for his Classic Cup pole and John's elimination had given him the win.  He led off the line in the race and into a big lead but the race had to be restarted due to a track break on red lane for Ash.  On the restart it was Ash who led Andy from Matthew's SG+ and Jack's MG+.  Then at the 30 second mark the race descended into farce.  Matthew and Jack were both off the track on the main straight in front of the driver stations.  Ash and Andy piled into the accident too and they were all off.  As people scrambled to replace cars, they seemed to knock another car off.  Jack's car was not put in the slot so he remained stranded the longest.  As the race staggered back into life it was Matthew leading Andy, Ash and Jack.  Andy briefly took the lead but then 3 big ones into Paddock Hill left him over a lap behind and with too much to do.  Ash was unable to capitalise and the race ended with Matthew winning from Andy, Ash and Jack.

Laurence had pole for the C Final and decided to gamble on yellow lane despite it being his worst lane in the heats. He reasoned that if he won he would be on yellow anyway and needed the practise.  It was a brave and sadly crazy move.  After a lap he was down to 3rd behind Matthew and Oliver's SG+ cars and just ahead of Duncan.  Matthew and Laurence both crashed and Oliver was into the lead ahead of Duncan in 2nd.  After 30 seconds it was Oliver, Duncan, Matthew and Laurence.  Matthew rocketed back up to 2nd before a mechanical failure caused a lengthy pitstop which dropped him to the back.  Oliver stretched his lead on Duncan to take the win and Laurence finished 3rd.

Our second bro battle of the evening was in the B Final where the stepping up Oliver would be facing Ryan and the mighty speed couple themselves; Deborah and Keith.  Oliver insta-crashed and Keith led from Deborah from the first 3 laps before they came together in the Druids hairpin.  Deborah was able to resume in the lead but Keith was forced into retirement when his pickup and spring came off.  That left Ryan in 2nd and he was really moving.  The gap started at over 3 seconds but it was halved with a minute to go and was under a second with 30 to go.  Oliver was struggling massively behind these two with a controller fault and the dreaded yellow lane, it was a 2 horse race for the win.

Into the closing stages, Ryan was ready to pounce.  with 18 seconds on the clock, he crossed the line just 0.04 behind Deborah and went for the overtake at Druids Bend where all good drivers make their move at Brands Hatch.  Sadly he crashed it and Deborah was safely home for the win.  It had been an enthralling race and Ryan still had the consolation prize of the fastest lap of the evening.

And so the A Final.  The two best drivers of the evening had never won an A Final before.  And facing them were Deborah and Jerome who both know how to get those wins.  Pete had done his best score on white and had picked that lane, an amazing gamble with his first win on the line!  From the start he made it work though with Jerome, Deborah and Terry in hot pursuit.  Terry appeared to be struggling with an issue and then Pete crashed in Druids Bend sending Deborah into the lead.  Pete was unfazed and after 45 seconds of hunting her down, he sailed past Deborah back into the lead.  Terry's issue meanwhile had worsened as his car continued to struggle through Paddock Hill.  This was eventually traced to a small track separation on the main straight but it was too late.  Awful luck for Terry.  Jerome too appeared to have some power issues affecting red lane too as he fell back from the lead two drivers.  Deborah crashed into Graham Hill with 30 seconds to go and again in the final 10 seconds.  And that was it Pete was home and dry for a jubilant first win.  Although you wouldn't have thought it from the medals photo!  Cheer up Pete!

So congratulations to Pete, Jerome for the Junior win and Andy for the first brass Classic Cup win.  Thanks to Ash and Ryan on race control and the set up and take down crews.   That completes the first rounds of the championships and we are back to Mod next time out.

- Gareth W

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