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Formula One - 7 April 2010

Race Report

WHO Racing once again opened its door for a night of fast paced 1/64 scale slot car racing action. With a massive 24 people turning up to race it was clear the slot car racing bug had bitten and bitten hard.


During the 5 lap qualifying period it was evident that red lane was the favoured choice for racers and it was this lane where a lot of the best lap times were created. The visiting seasoned HO racer Tony Stacey was the quickest person round putting in an impressive 5.40 seconds. Cameron Elder was the fastest junior with a very fast 5.92 seconds also on the red lane.


In heat six we saw Andrew, Hannah, Jonah and Jack all battling it out. Jack took the early lead on red in race one with 15.90 laps but by race two Jonah was on red and won with 13.60 laps. Andrew took race three with 16.80 laps, the highest laps scored in heat six. Hannah decided to show the boys that girls can race just as good by taking the fourth win with an impressive 16.25 laps on, yes you guessed it, red lane.

Heat five and Reece, Tyler, Aiden and George stepped up to take to the challenge of slot car racing. Aiden took the first win with 14.80 laps. Tyler drove hard to take the winning spot on red for race two but George broke the red lane winning trend by racking up a good 16.80 laps in blue for race three. In race four Reece had an unfortunate time as the white lane F1 car broke down and started overheating! He dealt with it well but it was George again who took the win on red.

Rick, Zack, Tim and Ashley made up the rostrum for heat 4. Tim took the early lead on red in race one to which Zack replied with a win on race two with 15.95 laps on the beloved red lane. Rick pushed out in front for race three producing 15.95 laps but Ashley ensured he deserved a win by bringing home the glory on Red with a 15.60 lap result for the final race of heat four.

Heat three saw our two adults Paul and Adam pitted against the juniors Brandon and Will. Straight into race one we went and Adam took the win with 16.05 laps on red. Paul moved on to red and followed suit with an equally impressive score on red. Will baker smashed out a nice 16.35 laps on blue lane in race three making him the fastest man of the heat, nice! Adam liked the idea of a second win so he decided to have one in the fourth race on blue lane with 16.05 laps.

Heat two commenced with Kevin, Andy, Cameron and Ian at the podium. Who Racing secretary Andy took the first race with a cool 15.80 laps on blue and a 17.50 laps on red in race two. Kevin pulled his racing finger out in race three and drove on to win with a 17.05 on red lane. The final race of the heat went to Andy as he achieved a fast 17.50 on the gutter lane of yellow.

It was on to heat one where it was an adult only race with Tony, Dave, Simon and John in the action. John took white lane for a ride and the first win with 17.50 laps whilst in the second race the glory moved to Dave on red lane with his 18.80 laps. Tony used the strengths of red lane for race three to take his win of the heats but it was John who had the last laugh in race four on red by driving fast and smooth getting him an amazing 19.65 laps.


Reece set off and blasted himself into first with 17.20 laps on blue lane and taking the F final. Cameron followed in after with Hannah in pursuit whilst Aiden came limping in with 12.50 laps.

Simon was our E Final winner of the night producing a very fast 19.20 laps on red, one of quickest lap times of the night. The three juniors of the race followed in with Ashley taking second, Jonah third and Jack bring up the rear of the pack with fourth place.

The D Final went into the hands of Rick with a 15.40 laps on red lane. Although chomping at the bit in second place was Zack who had 3rd place Brandon slipping in and out of his rear view mirror .Paul slipped into fourth place with an interesting 8.30 laps? It seemed like he'd done more during his race but the lap counters don't lie.

The C Final was packed with three juniors and one adult. First time visitor Andrew took the glory of 1st place on white lane whilst Tyler took second place. Will wasn't far behind Tyler and zipped in to take third which left WHO Racing’s junior open event winner George to take that final fourth place.

On to the B Final and it was Adam Elder using his racing prowess to secure his first place position on red lane with 18.20 laps. Ian gave his new F1 car a good run for its money and brought it in for second place with Tim just under one lap behind coming in third place. Kevin was our fourth place winner smiling all the way to the finish line.

The A final was the last race of the night and what a race it was! John had the strong red lane but after coming off and being marshalled into the wrong lane in error he was pushed down to third place. Andy was the racer to come in fourth after having a 'bit of a time' on white lane. But it was Dave and Tony that were laying down the speed gauntlet and after an unfortunate off for Tony it was Dave who took that chequered flag. A great race to finish a great night.

Our winning F1 Junior of the night was Tyler who collected his second Who Racing medal and has secured himself an early strong position at the top of the Junior F1 championships.

Dave was the Adult F1 winner of the evening who drove a strong race against some tough competition to finally take the glory home. He takes an early lead in the Adult F1 championship.

- Robin