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WHO/DIGITAL Scalextric Sport Digital Racing in Worthing

Bring-your-own car racing

If our club car racing is the bread-and-butter of WHO/digital, then our bring-your-own formats are the icing on the cake. These are the races where you buy, prepare and drive your own cars - sometimes paired with a teammate, sometimes on your own.

These are the current bring-your-own classes:

Trans-Am - Wednesday evening pairs race

BTCC - three 16 lap races at each Digital Saturday

WHO GT Championship - team race at Digital Saturdays Group C - 40 lap sprint race at Digital Saturdays

Classic Group A Touring Cars - pairs race in June

Goodwood Revival - various classes at September Saturday

Our ‘bring-your-own’ classes concentrate on non-mag racing with mostly the recent Digital Plug Ready (DPR) Scalextric and Pioneer models. The Goodwood Revival classes feature other makes and the Group C race is for cars.

The 2020 WHO/digital guide explains all the formats and build guidelines in detail. You can download a pdf of the guide from this page or the WHO/digital home page.

Here are some broad guidelines common to all the classes:

Digital Chip: Unmodified Scalextric C8515 EasyFit Digital Plug or the C7005 or C7006 Retro-Fit Digital Chips for non-DPR cars.

Magnets: Any traction magnets must be removed.

Ballast: Ballast (eg lead sheet) may be added, but must be fixed securely inside the chassis.

Chassis & body: Removal of material only permitted to allow body-roll or for a hole to be drilled to fit LED for digital chip.

Components: Only standard parts original to the car may be used.

Braids: Robust braids (ie not ultra-thin racing braid) should be used and must be cut shorter that the end of the guide.

Tyres: Any rubber or urethane tyres can be used. They can be trued and glued to the wheels. We particularly like the Paul Gage range of tyres.

Any questions - please ask!

WHO racers can get a discount on online orders of full-price cars, parts and accessories at Pendle Slot Racing - which is cool, because they’re one of the best and most helpful UK slot car retailers!

Just ask for details at a WHO event.

Go to the WHO/digital home page for the latest racing formats and build guidelines