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Just like our first Micro Scalextric team race last October, we had eighteen racers on the grid. That made the maths easy - six teams of three - with the six juniors acting as team captains.

Each of the captains got to choose one of the top six drivers in the Micro Championship, with each team's final racer drawn from Tyler's very fancy new McLaren hat.

After the selection, some teams looked certain favourites for the win - but we know from last time, our team races can throw up interesting results...

I'm not sure if anyone checked out October's results - run on the same Le Mans shaped track. If they did, they'd have known to grind out a decent score in blue, white and yellow, but to really go for it in red lane.

The early scores, all better than last time, suggested the teams were on the ball with their strategies.

At 15 minutes it was Tyler's Micro Marvels out in front having blitzed red lane. Mike McCann probably drove the fastest five minutes of the night for the Marvels, if only he had kept it on... On the other hand, Helen drove a perfectly paced stint, hardly coming off. Could the Micro Marvels stay out in front?

One of the fancied teams - Daniel's Nissans vs Predators - just pipped the Marvels at half way. Daniel was driving well and, backed up by Mike D and Gareth, it was a formidable team. Their score of 194.30 on white took them to the top of the leader board.

Yet it was Stephen's Team, Cloudy Lemonade, that caught my eye. Setting the only score of over 200 in the race, they leapt from last place to third.

With 45 minutes gone, Micro Marvels were back in the lead, just 13 laps ahead of Cloudy Lemonade in second and Colleen's Red Devils back in third.

Colleen had dragged her dad Neil along for his WHO debut and had drawn his name from the hat. Together with championship leader Simon, they were now in with a shout of the win.

It came down to the final 15 minutes. The first three teams went out, with Nissans vs Predators just keeping ahead of a resurgent Fast & Furious, captained by Ash. The difference was less than seven laps after an hour's racing. The Red Devils were another sixteen laps back.

Surely the race win was between Micro Marvels and Cloudy Lemons? The Marvels had the lead, but also the tricky blue lane. But the Lemons were also on an unfavoured lane - yellow.

As it turned out, the Lemons loved yellow (it sort of makes sense) with Caz eating up the Marvels' lead and building a small lead for the Lemons in that first five minutes. Stephen and Duncan kept up the pressure and the Marvels' spirit was broken. They ended up falling back behind Nissans vs Predators and Fast & Furious. Bad luck, but a valiant effort.

So wild applause and huge congratulations to three new WHO medal winners - Stephen, Duncan and Caz. They also went home with a copy of SlotCar MAG.

Congrats also to all the other drivers - particularly the captains, who all did a brilliant job in organising their teams.

The next Micro Scalextric race is a sprint race in August, with the final round - another team race - in October.

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Round 4 - May 2013

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